The CBCG FinTech Hub - Regulatory Innovation Centre Established


The Central Bank of Montenegro has established the CBCG FinTech Hub - Regulatory Innovation Centre, as a site where the FinTech sector and commercial banks will be able to present their innovations and request the views and interpretations of the Central Bank of Montenegro on issues within its competence, related to innovations in financial operations and payment services.

The CBCG FinTech Hub is an initiative launched with the aim of providing non-binding and informal support to business entities that develop an innovative product or service in the field of FinTech. At the same time, it is a communication/information platform through which the Central Bank will answer inquiries, i.e. provide information, exchange opinions and provide clarifications in the FinTech areas under its competence.

The CBCG FinTech Hub is intended for all business entities that develop or have already developed technological innovation in the provision of banking or payment services, regardless of whether they have the prior consent of the CBCG to provide certain types of services.

By establishing the Regulatory Innovation Centre, the Central Bank of Montenegro supports the development of modern technologies in the financial market in a manner that improves the safe and efficient functioning of payment operations and the financial market in order to ensure its stability and protection of financial services users and other financial market partners. 

The CBCG FinTech Hub is open for consultations with all FinTech companies, whether operating in Montenegro or abroad. The CBCG FinTech Hub can be reached by filling out the form at link, while more information on the Regulatory Innovation Centre can be found on the CBCG website (