1. How to contact CBCG FinTech Hub?

You can contact CBCG FinTech Hub through the form on the link. CBCG FinTech Hub is open for consultations with all FinTech companies, whether operating in Montenegro or abroad.

2. How does CBCG FinTech Hub provide support?

CBCG FinTech Hub is a CBCG platform whose team of experts provides detailed answers to the legal entities’ and corporate sector entrepreneurs’ questions. It provides key information from the CBCG competence in payment and financial services. CBCG FinTech Hub supports the application of the regulatory framework within the CBCG competence - supervision, oversight, and licensing, exclusively for banking or payment services innovations.

3. What is the deadline for receiving a response from CBCG FinTech Hub?

The deadline for response depends on the request’s complexity and content. The CBCG expert team will try to respond as soon as possible.

4. Who is the CBCG FinTech Hub not intended for?

  • CBCG FinTech Hub is not intended for start-up business ideas.
  • CBCG FinTech Hub is not intended for legal entities and entrepreneurs who develop non-banking or non-payment financial products and services.
  • CBCG FinTech Hub neither provides consulting for any FinTech business model development nor provides taxation or consulting services related to the FinTech companies’ commercial operations. When contacting the CBCG FinTech Hub, the FinTech company needs to already have a business model related to banking or payment services innovations.
  • If the CBCG issues an opinion to the company through the CBCG FinTech Hub, it will not replace the procedure for issuing approval for providing payment, banking or other services (license approval) under the CBCG competence. The decision on the requests for approval to perform activities under the CBCG supervision is issued following the legally prescribed procedures.